Hun Kim

by 신용구 posted Sep 04, 2017


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Extra Form
Affiliation LG U-plus
Graduation 2017
Korean name 김훈

About me:
He received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Korea University in February, 2010. He is working toward a Ph. D. degree in Electronics Engineering at Korea University, Seoul, Rep. of Korea. He is interested in the areas of image processing and computer vision.

**   (Oct2011) New Visualization Method for High Dynamic Range Images in Low Dynamic Range Devices
**   (Dec2012) Largest Coding Unit Level Rate Control Algorithm for Hierarchical Video Coding in HEVC
*    (To be published) A Novel Quality Assessment Method for Flat Panel Display Defects
*    (Nov2010) HVS를 이용한 향상된 국부 히스토그램 평활화 기법
***  (Dec2010) An Effective Aggregation Function for Image Denoising Based on Low Rank Matrix Completion
*    (Jun2011) CUDA와 OpenMP를 이용한 대조비 개선 알고리즘 최적화
***  (Jun2011) Enhanced Histogram Modification Method with a Mean Brightness Preserving Property
**   (Jun2012) A New Rate Control Method for Hierarchical Video Coding in HEVC
**** (Jul2012) A New Constrast Enhancement Method for Under-Exposed Images
*    (Jan2013) Fast Text Localization Using Block-based MST Clustering